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How to Cope with a Dry Socket After An Extraction in Lincoln

December 3, 2018

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man with a dry socket

You’ve just had one of your teeth extracted, and while your dentist told you that you might experience a little soreness for a few days afterward, it’s been over a week now, and the pain doesn’t seem to be going away. This could be a sign that you have developed a dry socket, a complication that is relatively common during the healing process. So, what should you do now? What is the best way to deal with a dry socket after an extraction in Lincoln? Read on to learn the best way to get relief.


How Dental Implants Stop the Effects of Missing Teeth

November 28, 2018

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smiling older woman For many people who have one or more missing teeth, getting them replaced isn’t really a high priority. If they aren’t easily seen or causing issues with eating or speaking, then why spend the money on dental work? Unfortunately, tooth loss can lead to several negative consequences if left untreated for a long time, allowing a small problem to turn into a major health issue. However, dental implants in Lincoln can help not only restore the teeth, but stop all of these consequences from developing in the first place. How, and why does replacing your teeth matter so much in the first place? Read on to learn more. (more…)

How a Gastrointestinal Disorder Can Affect Your Teeth

October 9, 2018

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hands on stomach According to the American Nutrition Association, about 70 million people are currently suffering from some kind of digestive issue. This can include everything from acid reflux to constipation to ulcers and more. The mouth plays a very important role in the digestive process because the health of your teeth and gums is crucial to your body’s ability to break down foods. However, what many people don’t know is that certain gastrointestinal disorders in Lincoln can actually affect oral health as well. How so? Below, we discuss some of the most common digestive issues in the country and how they can impact someone’s oral health. (more…)

What is Causing Your Tooth Pain in Lincoln?

September 13, 2018

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woman with dental pain Ouch! You just sat down to lunch, and your first bite brought on a shock of dental pain, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. What is causing your pain, and better yet, what can you do to make it stop? Here are the top 4 reasons for tooth pain in Lincoln along with how you should handle each. (more…)

Dentist in Lincoln: Why You Need to Save All of Your Natural Teeth!

September 2, 2018

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big natural smileModern-day dentistry is amazing. Pretty much any problem you can imagine, from a small cavity to a missing tooth and everything in between, can be completely and beautifully fixed using today’s advanced technology and materials. However, while your dentist in Lincoln wields this kind of power, they still say that the best approach for your oral health is to simply take care of and preserve all of your natural teeth for as long as possible. Why is this the case? Read on below to learn the top 4 reasons why your dentist says you should always protect your real smile.   (more…)

Can I Get Dental Implants If I Have Periodontal Disease?

May 4, 2018

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thinking older manMillions of Americans experience tooth loss every year, and one of the most common causes is something called periodontal disease, better known as gum disease. For many, dental implants offer a natural-looking and long-lasting tooth replacement that has been proven to restore not only the appearance of the smile, but a person’s oral health as well. Of course, this begs the question, “Can someone get dental implants in Lincoln even if they have periodontal disease?”   (more…)

Welcome Your New Dentist in Lincoln: Dr. Sean Pauley!

February 22, 2018

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Dr. Sean PauleyAt Pioneer Greens Dentistry, we’re always trying to grow our practice so we can provide high-quality dentistry to even more people in Lincoln, which is why we’re happy to announce the latest addition to our team, Dr. Sean Pauley! Dr. Pauley has very deep roots here in Lincoln, and he’s looking forward to serving local families and giving them plenty of reasons to smile. Read on to learn more about your new dentist in Lincoln! (more…)

Dentist Debunks the “White Smiles Are Always Healthy” Myth

January 3, 2018

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bright white teethPicture a perfectly healthy smile in your head. Can you see it? We bet the first thing that came to mind was a set of shockingly white teeth, right? It’s easy to conflate the health of the teeth with their color, but according to your dentist in Lincoln, a white smile isn’t always a healthy one. There are numerous issues that can negatively impact your smile that won’t necessarily damper its shine, and today, we’re going to reveal a few of the most common ones. (more…)

How Mouse Teeth Could Be Used For Tissue Regeneration

August 25, 2017

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mouseMedical research is making amazing new discoveries every day, and one just happened that caught our eyes. Stem cells have long been used to treat and heal a wide variety of medical issues through tissue regeneration, and scientists are constantly trying to learn about them so they can be used more effectively. Recently, at the University of California-San Francisco, researchers determined a key part in how stem cells work: how they actually decide which tissues to regrow. How did they do this? By looking at the front teeth of mice! What could this all mean for you? Today, we discuss how this recent finding could impact medicine as a whole.    (more…)

“Why Are My Gums Bleeding?” Your Dentist Has Answers!

August 12, 2017

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Blood on a toothbrushYou’re brushing your teeth one night as you normally do, and when you look down in the sink, you see a distinctive pink color. Your gums have been bleeding whenever you clean your teeth for about a week now. “What is causing this?” you think to yourself. Bleeding gums are a common symptom of many different things, so today, we’re going to let you know what may be causing it as well as what you can do to make them stop.   (more…)

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