Teeth Whitening or Dental Implants: Which Should Be Done First?

June 14, 2023

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dental implant with natural teeth

After losing a tooth, you never thought your smile could look good again. But then your dentist tells you about replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant. It feels like getting a fresh start for your smile! To truly have a new beginning, you consider whitening your remaining healthy teeth, but should you wait until after you have the implant put in or do it beforehand? Does the order of these treatments matter? Continue reading to learn the answer!

Can You Whiten Dental Implants?

Individual implants are restored with porcelain crowns. Unlike tooth enamel, which is very porous, this material retains its coloration for much longer natural teeth. As a result of its hardiness, the porcelain does not respond well to teeth whitening treatment. In other words, once the color of your implant restoration has been chosen and fabricated, it stays that way.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Although the outside layer of your teeth is the toughest material in your body, it is has microscopic pores, where remnants of staining foods and drinks can remain. Over time, even with daily brushing, these little stains can make teeth look yellow or dull.

Strong hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide penetrates these pores and bleaches the enamel, removing up to 10 shades of discoloration.

What Are My Options If I Want Whiter Teeth?

If you already know that you want your smile to be whiter prior to getting dental implants, talk to your dentist before you start treatment. They can whiten your natural teeth first and then match the implant restoration to the new, whiter shade.

On the other hand, if you already have your implant restoration in place and you wish to whiten your smile, you may proceed with whitening your teeth, but you will have to replace that restoration with a brighter one later. Otherwise, the crown will stand out in an unfavorable way.

In some situations, namely when the implants are toward the back of the mouth, you may be able to keep your implant restoration even after whitening because it does not show in your smile as easily as front teeth.

In the end, working closely with your implant dentist from the beginning can help you get the smile you want after all treatment is complete. It is easier and less expensive to whiten first and then replace your teeth, but clear communication with your dentist will ensure a brighter, more confident smile even after tooth loss!

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