Dental Insurance – Lincoln, NE

Helping You Get the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance

More than 50% of the country has some form of dental insurance, and if this includes you, then know that you’ll always be able to save with your plan here at Pioneer Greens Dentistry. We will not only accept your plan, but our team will also handle the claim filing process for you so we can make sure you are getting the most out of your benefits. We know that dental insurance can be a little confusing, which is why we’re happy to help with our short, informative guide below. To learn more about how we can use your specific plan, give us a call today.

Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

Many people assume that dental insurance works just like medical insurance, but this actually isn’t true. Dental insurance plans tend to focus on helping people prevent problems more than treating them. That’s why services like checkups and cleanings tend to receive the most coverage. So, an easy way to maximize your plan is to primarily use it to cover your routine six-month appointments. You’ll spend little to nothing out of pocket at these visits, plus they’ll lead to better oral health over time and reduce your need for more expensive procedures.

What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

Every dental insurance plan offers different benefits, but generally, coverage tends to look something like this:

  • Preventive Services are covered 80-100% (checkups, cleanings, X-rays, fluoride treatment, dental sealants).
  • Restorative Services are covered 50-70% (fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, extractions, root canal therapy).
  • Cosmetic Services are usually NOT covered (teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding).

So, as we mentioned above, it’s much smarter to use your plan for preventing dental issues rather than treating them, but insurance can still be a big help should you develop a cavity or broken tooth.

Our In-Network PPO Dental Insurance Providers

When we say that our dental office is “in-network” with a certain insurance provider, that simply means we’re able to offer the highest level of discounts for patients with those plans. However, Pioneer Greens is also an “insurance-friendly” dental office, meaning that even if we aren’t in-network with your plan, we will likely still accept it. If you do not see your provider on the list below, give us a call with your policy information handy, and we will discuss how we can use your benefits to help you save.

We proudly accept the following dental insurance plans:

  • Delta Dental Premier
  • BCBS
  • And many more! Ask our friendly team if we take your plan.