Dental Crowns – Lincoln, NE

Repair Your Tooth from Start-to-Finish Right Here

At Pioneer Greens Dentistry, we take a unique approach to restorative care that allows our patients to enjoy not only superior quality dental crowns in Lincoln, but also a convenient and comfortable process. Using cutting-edge CEREC technology and CAD/CAM software, we’re able to prep your affected tooth, take impressions, and design and mill your dental crown all under one roof. That way, you do not have to worry about wearing a flimsy temporary crown for two weeks waiting for your permanent one to arrive from a dental laboratory. We will complete the process within a few hours! Call our office today to restore your smile quickly and effectively.

Why Choose Pioneer Greens Dentistry for Dental Crowns?

  • Custom-Designed Crowns Using CAD/CAM Software
  • Milled In-House for Optimal & Precise Results
  • Highly Experienced & Compassionate Dental Team

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are cap-like structures designed to fit over the biting surface of teeth that have been treated or damaged, like those with large fillings or that have had root canals. Our team typically crafts them from porcelain, which is a material that closely mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel by reflecting light. That way, once the crown is in place, onlookers won’t be able to tell which of your teeth have been treated when you smile or laugh.