Veneers – Lincoln, NE

Transform Your Smile with a Single Procedure

Teeth can find themselves suffering from a wide variety of issues. Procedures to fix each one can be costly and take a large amount of time. Veneers in Lincoln, however, offer a simple way to address a variety of dental issues, such as:

  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Slightly misaligned teeth
  • Teeth with obvious gaps

This custom tailored cosmetic treatment can address all these issues at once and ensure a patient achieves a bright, confident smile.

Why Choose Pioneer Greens Dentistry for Veneers?

  • Ability to Fix Stains, Chips, Cracks, & Gaps
  • Straighten Slightly Crooked Teeth
  • Custom-Made for Each & Every Patient

What are Veneers?

Veneers are extremely thin ceramic coverings that are bonded to the front of your teeth in order to improve their appearance. They offer a much less invasive way to fix a multitude of cosmetic issues and can enhance a patient’s teeth both aesthetically and functionally. The high-quality ceramic material is able to replicate a natural tooth’s color, shape, size, and strength. It is also non-porous, making it stain-resistant.

What is it Like to Get Veneers?

The procedure to get veneers is quick and completely painless. When you first come into our dental office, your dentist will take a look at your teeth and gums to determine if veneers are the best solution for your smile. You need a minimal amount of healthy dental structure in order to support the veneers.

If they decide to proceed, they will start by buffing off a very small portion of your natural enamel, only about two millimeters. This is about the thickness of a contact lens and allows your teeth to have enough room for the veneers. They will then use an advanced scanner to take a 3D image of your teeth, which will be used by the in-house CEREC technology to both design and fabricate your veneers. Most dental offices take at least two visits a week apart to complete your veneers, but we are able to do it in one visit and with higher accuracy due to this technology.

Once the veneers have been made, one of the doctors will use dental cement to firmly bond them to your teeth. You won’t even have to leave the chair during the entire process. Afterward, simple brushing and flossing can help maintain the veneers for many years.

Veneers FAQs

Even after learning all this information about veneers and how they can transform the appearance of your teeth, you may still have some questions about treatment. Our team at Pioneer Greens Dentistry wants to provide the answers so you feel confident about your decision. Below we have responded to some common questions we get from patients, and we hope our explanations convince you to give our team a call and schedule a consultation. And, of course, if you have other questions about this treatment, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Can veneers be whitened?

No, the color of veneers is chosen and fabricated to a specific hue. Although eventually (over many years) veneers can become stained, they cannot be whitened through professional treatment. As a result, if you are not getting a complete set of veneers, you should consider whitening your other teeth before starting the veneers process so that your smile matches and looks uniform. Our team can help you put together a treatment plan that will give you flawless results.

How long do veneers last?

That depends. Veneers are very durable; however, they do require some basic maintenance, just like your real teeth. Every day, you need to brush and floss to remove plaque, bits of food, and bacteria from your mouth. These little habits also help reduce the surface stains on your veneers. You also need to avoid behaviors that could chip or crack your veneers, such as chewing on hard objects (like ice or pencils), opening packaging with your teeth, and biting your nails. If you take good care of your veneers, they can last up to 20 years before needing replacement.

Does dental insurance cover veneers?

Unfortunately, veneers are a cosmetic procedure that is considered elective. As a result, dental insurance does not cover part of the cost of treatment. However, at Pioneer Greens Dentistry, we offer a few other ways to make veneers affordable. For instance, our membership program, which is different from insurance, includes a 20 percent discount on most services other than preventive. Plus, we accept payment through CareCredit, a trusted financing company that divides the overall cost into easier monthly payments.

Am I a good candidate for veneers?

Not everyone qualifies for this treatment. If you have gum disease or tooth decay, we will need to address these problems before we can begin working on the appearance of your smile. Typically, as long as your mouth is infection and cavity-free, you are likely eligible for veneers. We will not know for sure until we have had the chance to examine you in person. At that point, we can talk about your treatment options to get you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!