Tooth-Colored Fillings – Lincoln, NE

Your Perfect Cavity Solution

When it comes to fixing small cavities and slightly damaged teeth, one of the most reliable methods involves using a filling. In the past, these were made solely of a dark gray substance called amalgam. While it does a great job of restoring a tooth’s strength, it definitely has some drawbacks. Amalgam fillings tend to leave a very obvious dark gray spot on the tooth, they often make it sensitive to heat and cold, and they require quite a bit of your enamel to be removed when placed (which makes the tooth more likely to crack over time).

Fortunately, modern day dentistry has brought along a more aesthetically pleasing treatment that even does a better job of repairing the teeth: tooth-colored fillings in Lincoln, NE.

Why Choose Pioneer Greens Dentistry for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

  • Fast & Painless Procedure
  • Discreet, Natural-Looking Cavity Treatment
  • Won’t Cause Temperature Sensitivity

Tooth-Colored Fillings vs. Metal Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are actually made of a material called composite resin, which is strong, durable, and highly malleable, and it is perfect for restorative dentistry. Unlike amalgam, it can be specially shaded to perfectly match the color of your natural enamel. This means you can have your tooth repaired without altering its appearance. The material is also metal-free, meaning that it won’t make your teeth sensitive to hot, cold, or trigger metal allergies.

Even better, the material is actually able to bond directly to the enamel. Amalgam isn’t able to do this, so in order to give you a filling, your dentist in Lincoln previously had to create a pocket in your tooth for it to sit, meaning they had to remove a portion of your tooth’s natural strength. With tooth-colored fillings, less of your tooth has to be removed, which will preserve more of its structure and help it last longer. In the end, it presents the best solution both cosmetically and restoratively with just one treatment.

The Process of Getting Tooth-Colored Fillings

We may choose to use a tooth-colored filling if:

  • You have a small cavity
  • You have a tooth that is slightly damaged
  • You want to replace an old metal filling with a more cosmetic option
  • The process of getting one is very similar to that of a traditional filling, so if you have gotten one before, this should all seem very familiar!

The entire procedure can usually be completed in just one visit. First, your dentist will start by gently removing the decayed/damaged portion of your tooth. Then, they’ll apply the color-matched composite resin to fill in the missing part of the enamel (we will figure out your color before we start!). Once it is in the proper place, they’ll shape it so that it fits seamlessly within your bite. They’ll then use a special curing light to harden it, and that’s it! Your tooth might be a little more sensitive a few days after the procedure, but this should eventually go away.

Have Any Questions?

Tooth-colored fillings in Lincoln allow us to repair your teeth in a way that restores both the function and appearance of your smile, making it one of our most ideal treatments. If you currently have a cavity, want to replace an old metal filling, or have any questions about this treatment, simply contact us today.