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All-On-4 – Lincoln, NE

Permanent Teeth in One Day

happy couple smiling after getting All-On-4 in Lincoln

Did you know that we can replace your missing teeth without having to address each individual tooth? Are you aware that there is another permanent replacement option available for those who cannot get traditional implants? If you’ve lost all your natural teeth, All-On-4 in Lincoln could be the solution you need to have a complete smile again. Our team at Pioneer Greens is proud to offer this treatment and invites you to schedule a consultation to learn more about the difference All-On-4 can make for you!

Why Choose Pioneer Greens Dentistry for All-On-4?

  • 3D Cone Beam Imaging for More Accurate Placement
  • In-House Implant Placement and Restoration
  • Years of Clinical Experience and Advanced Training

How Do All-On-4 Implants Work?

diagram of All-On-4 in Lincoln

Like traditional implants, All-On-4 implants are grounded in the jawbone; however, this solution uses the most dense part of the jawbone near the front of the mouth to anchor the two posterior implants. They are positioned at a 45-degree angle, reducing the need for bone grafting. Over time, the implant posts stimulate new jawbone growth, giving the prosthetic teeth stability and strength. After the implant posts are placed, we then attach the abutments and the full denture, completing your smile.

Am I a Candidate For All-On-4 Implants?

man who is a good candidate for All-On-4 in Lincoln

If you have suffered total tooth loss and have been told you are not a good candidate for traditional implants, you likely qualify for All-On-4. Because these implants depend on a stronger part of the jawbone, they are available to those who otherwise would not be able to get dental implants without a bone graft. However, you still need to be in good health generally and make the commitment that you will maintain healthy oral habits (e.g., no smoking, good oral hygiene) to prevent implant failure.

Benefits of All-On-4 Implants

diagram showing the benefits of All-On-4

Compared to other tooth replacement options, All-On-4 treatment offers these distinct benefits:

  • You don’t have to wait for your replacement teeth. They are restored on the same day as the implant placement.
  • All-On-4 provides the necessary support for a stronger bite and chewing ability.
  • These implants reinforce the jawbone, stopping deterioration that naturally occurs over time.
  • Unlike traditional dentures, the prosthetic teeth are basically permanent and will feel like real teeth. They also should be treated like real teeth with daily brushing and flossing.

All-On-4 VS. Traditional Implants

woman smiling after working with an implant dentist in Lincoln

Although All-On-4 and traditional implants may seem quite similar, there are important differences between these solutions. First and foremost, to retain a full denture, up to 8 dental implants may be necessary, but All-On-4 requires half that amount, reducing the time needed for surgical placement as well as the cost. All-On-4 also saves time in that you do not have to undergo bone grafting, which takes at least a few months to recover from. In addition, with traditional dental implants, you must wait several months for the jawbone to integrate with the implant and have your custom denture created, but you can get your personalized denture on the same day as placement with All-On-4.