Black Lines Around Your Crowns? What It Means and How to Fix Them

February 8, 2023

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Although there are plenty of makeup tutorials for achieving radical looks, most of them give instructions for using your makeup to accentuate your natural beauty. In order to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention, you may try to make your appearance as realistic as possible. After all, you don’t want to look completely fake!

But if you have small black lines near your gums, your mouth is blatantly exposing those teeth as restorations. In the content below, you’ll learn what those black lines around your crowns mean and how to fix them.

Causes of Black Lines on Dental Crowns

If you have a black line on teeth that have been treated with a dental crown, then it is a clear indication that you have a crown that is made of porcelain fused to metal (or PFM). This type of crown historically provided the most strength, which is why it has mostly been used for molars, but in some cases, PFM crowns were used for front teeth as well. Unfortunately, because of the metal part, it is common to see dark lines on crowns in the following circumstances:

  • Your dental crown is more than 15 years old and is due for replacement.
  • Your gums are infected with periodontal disease, and they have receded, exposing the metal under the porcelain in the crown.
  • You are brushing too aggressively, causing gum recession and showing the metal.

Sometimes, PFM crowns can look even more artificial because the porcelain can be less translucent

What to Do about Black Lines Around Dental Crowns

Regardless of the actions taken to correct this problem, it all starts when you meet with your dentist. They can take a closer look at your crown, gums, and other conditions in your mouth that could be contributing to the issue. Once they understand the cause, they can recommend next steps for your specific case.

In most situations, replacing the PFM crown with an all-porcelain one can make the restoration look more natural. In others, periodontal therapy may also be necessary.

Some dental offices take crowns to the next level by providing restorations on the very same day. Called CEREC One-Visit crowns, these are designed using special software on a chairside screen and fabricated in the office, meaning you can have a completely metal-free, custom crown placed in just one appointment. As a result, your dentist can make any adjustments quickly, ensuring a perfect fit and a natural appearance.

If you have black lines around your crowns, you don’t have to hide your teeth or feel self-conscious or fake. No one needs to know which teeth are real and which have a dental prosthetic, and replacing your PFM crowns can your smile look naturally stunning. You can talk to your dentist and get CEREC crowns!

About the Practice

Pioneer Greens Dentistry is proud to use CEREC technology every day in our practice. In fact, Dr. Chris Haag and Dr. Claire Haag are both highly trained in creating custom CEREC restorations, meaning our patients receive the best available care. If you are in need a metal-free crown, you may contact our Lincoln office by calling 402-483-7502 or visiting our Contact Us page.

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