Top 3 Reasons Temporary Veneers Are Necessary

July 11, 2023

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After years of looking forward to a flawless smile, you finally decide to get veneers. You can’t wait to see how perfect your teeth will look. However, you find out that you’ll need two appointments to get your veneers, and at the end of your first visit, the dentist attaches temporary ones. Why do you need to wear these versions now? Why can’t you just wait until your custom veneers are ready? Read on to learn about the reasons that your temporary veneers are necessary.

Reason #1: Temporary Veneers Protect Your Vulnerable Teeth.

When preparing your teeth for veneers, your dentist actually removes a slight portion of enamel off the front surfaces to make room. Although there is usually a tiny bit of enamel left behind, this process does put your teeth in a vulnerable state for cavities and sensitivity in the interim. Temporary veneers cover these areas, shielding them from possible triggers, injury, or infection while you wait for your custom veneers to be fabricated.

Reason #2: Temporary Veneers Look Better Than Prepared Teeth Alone.

In addition to providing extra protection for reduced teeth, the temporary versions are still high-quality restorations. They may not be perfectly suited to your mouth, but they often are more attractive than teeth that have been prepared or worn down for veneers. It could take a few weeks for your custom products to be ready, and you shouldn’t have to shy away from the world during that time. Temporary veneers can be a great way to bridge the gap and allow you to carry on with life in the meantime.

Reason #3: Temporary Veneers Are Good Practice for the Final Products.

Don’t be surprised if you do experience a little bit of sensitivity or even slight discomfort while you have temporary veneers on your teeth. After all, they haven’t been specifically designed for your teeth. It may take a few days to become accustomed to your temporary veneers, which will only help you adapt more quickly to your permanent veneers once they are bonded into place.

Making Your Time with Temporary Veneers Easier

Although you should let your dentist know if you are in pain or if a temporary veneer comes off prematurely, you may find yourself dealing with a slightly uncomfortable smile on your own for a little while. To help the time pass more smoothly, you can brush with a fluoride toothpaste or even a toothpaste specially formulated for sensitivity. You should also drink plenty of water and try to avoid overly hot, cold, or sweet foods and beverages as much as possible.

Ultimately, although your time with temporary veneers is short, they are important to keep your smile in good condition until your more permanent veneers come in from the lab. So try to be patient and enjoy your time with these short-term veneers—before you know it, your dream smile will be ready!

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