Dental Sedation and Pregnancy: What’s Safe for You and Your Baby?

November 14, 2023

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pregnant patient being treated at the dentist’s office

Parenthood requires sacrifice, especially from mothers. For nine months, you must take extra care of your body to help the baby grow. While you’re pregnant, you must stay away from sushi, alcohol, smoking, deli meats, and many other foods that could harm the developing baby. You also must steer clear of potentially risky activities. It may seem restrictive, but it’s a small price to pay to give your baby a healthy start.

When it comes to your dental health during pregnancy, you may wonder what is and isn’t allowed. Can your dentist see you while you’re expecting? Is it safe to have a cavity treated? Can you get dental sedation during pregnancy?

Should You Visit Your Dentist During Pregnancy?

Dental visits during your pregnancy are important. In fact, many health organizations including those for gynecology encourage expectant mothers to visit the dentist as usual for cleanings and checkups. While you’re growing a tiny human, your body fluctuates in hormones, affecting the microbiome in your mouth and making tooth decay and infection more likely to happen. Keeping these regular appointments and telling your dentist about your pregnancy can protect your mouth against these outcomes.

Is Local Anesthesia Safe During Pregnancy?

In some situations, even when mom-to-be does everything she can, oral problems can still come up. If you need treatment, local anesthetic (most of the time lidocaine) is usually perfectly safe for both your baby and you. Studies have found no increase in complications as a result of local anesthesia, which means you can undergo dental treatment if necessary.

In other words, if you have a cavity, you can still be numbed and have it treated without pain.

Is Additional Dental Sedation Safe During Pregnancy?

If you struggle with dental anxiety or need to undergo a complicated, you may wish to get sedation like nitrous oxide or even something more powerful; however, these solutions are not typically administered while the patient is pregnant. The sedatives are just too risky for the mother and baby in a dental office setting, even during the first trimester.

Even though nitrous oxide is gentle, your dentist will likely elect not to use sedation for dental work. Often, more drastic treatments can wait until after the baby is born, when you can get sedation again, sparing you from unnecessary stress. If you require certain procedures immediately, your dentist can be extra careful and sensitive to help you stay relaxed and at ease without sedation.

In the end, you may not get dental sedation, but you should still be able to get the care you need to keep you, your baby, and your smile healthy and safe throughout your pregnancy.

About the Practice At Pioneer Greens Dentistry, Dr. Justin Shirk, Dr. Chris Haag, and Dr. Claire Haag always keep each patient’s needs as the primary focus. Although they have the required advanced training to handle complex treatment like dental implants, they encourage prevention as much as possible. If you would like to schedule an appointment at our Lincoln office, you can call 402-483-7502 or visit our Contact Us page.

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