Before or After Cosmetic Bonding? When You Should Whiten

September 8, 2022

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patient smiling after having teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding

Do you find yourself jumping ahead a few steps in certain processes? In some areas of life, the order in which you accomplish tasks does not really matter in the grand scheme of things. For instance, whether you put your trousers on first and then your shirt every morning, or vice versa, does not have any significant effect on your day.

However, when it comes to perfecting the look of your smile with bonding and whitening, there is a certain order you need to follow. Which one needs to be done first? Can you whiten your teeth after cosmetic bonding has been placed? Keep reading to find out!

Timing Matters

If you are planning on receiving both teeth whitening and bonding treatments, you need to be clear with your dentist about your goals. Prior to placing the composite resin, they can whiten your teeth first, which means the bonding material will be a brighter shade of white. Otherwise, your teeth will turn out to be a different color, making your smile stand out in an unfavorable way.

Do you already have bonding on your teeth and wish to whiten them? You will likely need to have the old bonding removed in order to whiten your smile before getting new bonding put in place.

Understanding more about how these treatments work may help clarify why these procedures must follow this order.

How Teeth Whitening Works

The main active ingredient for whitening treatment is hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, a chemical that bleaches porous tooth enamel. It penetrates the outside surface, removing stains that result from foods and drinks like red wine, coffee, tomato sauce, and more.

While teeth whitening usually works very well on tooth enamel, it does not have an impact on ceramic restorations or composite resin. If you choose to bleach your teeth with this other materials in your mouth, your smile may look mismatched.

How Dental Bonding Works

Once you have finished whitening your teeth, you can then move on to dental bonding. Your dentist selects a shade resembling your teeth so that the composite resin blends in perfectly with the rest of your smile. After sculpting it into the desired shape, the bonding material is cured with a special light, solidifying it. Once this happens, you cannot make changes easily.

Ultimately, sharing your smile goals upfront with your dentist is essential if you want to have the best results possible. They can create a treatment plan that puts the procedures in the right order, giving you  a smile you can feel proud to show off!

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