CT Scans: Changing Dentistry for the Better

December 16, 2021

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patient and dentist looking at a CT scan together

You have become used to your old phone. It gets the job done, but you know you could benefit from an updated phone. This new model has so many more capabilities, is faster, and has a cleaner, crisper image. Once you finally get the new phone, you wonder how you ever lived without it!

In dentistry, not every provider uses the latest and greatest technology. Although some devices are just nice to have, others can have a huge impact on the quality of care you can expect to have. A cone beam CT scanner is a prime example of how one piece of technology can completely change the patient experience.

How Is a Dental CT Scan Different from an X-ray?

Digital technology has drastically improved dental X-rays, providing crisper images and being available for view almost instantly. So what exactly does a CT scan bring to the table? Plenty!

Instead of taking a handful of 2D images like traditional X-rays, the cone beam CT scanner takes hundreds of images of the oral cavity. Combining these scans allows the dentist to create a 360-degree, 3D image of your smile.

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What Are the Benefits of a Dental CT Scan?

In addition to providing a more detailed 3D image, the CT scan reveals more information than a normal dental X-ray. For instance, if you are interested in dental implants, the CT scan can show how much jawbone density you have, where blood vessels are located, and other helpful information to properly plan out the procedure. As a result, the dentist can perform the placement surgery with more precision and avoid complications.

CT scans come in handy not only for the dentist but also for you as the patient as well. The dentist can show you this comprehensive 3D image and explain the issue with greater detail. Then, you can make a more informed decision about you care. Together, you can find the right treatment and move forward with confidence.

In the end, a CT scanner can take dentistry to a whole new level, elevating the quality of care and the patient experience. Rather than simply accepting the dentist’s word, you as the patient can become a partner in your oral health and have a greater understanding of your treatment options. Before choosing your dentist, make sure they are taking advantage of this revolutionary technology so that you receive the best possible care.

About the Practice

When Pioneer Greens Dentistry acquired a CT scanner, we were the only practice in the area to have this technology, other than the University of Nebraska. We are proud to utilize the industry’s most innovative devices, like a cone beam CT scanner, for improved care and patient education. Dr. Chris Haag and Dr. Claire Haag each undergo hundreds of hours of advanced training in CEREC crowns and implantology. If you would like to schedule an appointment at Pioneer Greens Dentistry, you can contact our Lincoln office online or by calling 402-483-7502.

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