4 Ways to Keep Cavities from Ruining Your Child’s Halloween

October 14, 2021

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child wearing a costume who knows about cavity prevention during Halloween

If your child is like most of their peers this time of year, they are excited to don a fun or spooky costume and go trick-or-treating. At the end of the night, they will look proudly on the pile of candy they have collected, but as a concerned, responsible parent, you may get a little nervous about cavities. After all, too much sugar can increase the chances of tooth decay. What can you do in this situation? Here are four helpful tips for cavity prevention during Halloween season and beyond.

Set Reasonable Limits on Candy Consumption

As much as you might wish you could, you will not likely be able to stop your child from eating sugary treats completely. However, you can establish certain rules about candy in your house. For instance, it may be easier to control how much candy your child eats if they are young, and you can put their candy up where they cannot easily reach it. With older children, you can talk to them about limiting the number of pieces they eat in a day. You can also time their candy consumption, allowing them to eat the candy soon after a meal, when their saliva production is already elevated.

Stick to a Dental Health Routine

If you want your child to avoid getting cavities, they must have their teeth cleaned on a daily basis. In fact, their teeth need to be brushed for two full minutes twice every day and floss at least once a day. These habits may seem small, but they make a big difference in keeping cavity-causing bacteria under control in your child’s mouth. By establishing a daily routine for dental health, and keeping it no matter what, you can help your child develop essential skills that will protect their smile for life.

Make Sure They Drink Enough Water

Water has so many benefits for your child’s body, but it can also help keep their smile healthy. Without any sugar, water helps rinse bits of food, plaque, and bacteria away from your child’s teeth. It also neutralizes the acids in their mouth, reducing the chances of decay. Throughout the day, encourage your child to take sips of water, especially after they have had candy, to help their mouth stay strong against cavities.

Get Dental Sealants and Fluoride Treatments

In addition to regular professional cleanings and checkups, your dentist can provide additional protection against tooth decay with dental sealants and fluoride. Dental sealants are applied to the chewing surfaces of molars, where kids tend to struggle the most, and can prevent up to 80 percent of cavities. Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens tooth enamel and makes it less susceptible to decay. Getting these treatments can give you extra peace of mind as your child eats their candy.

When you follow these tips, you can allow your child to enjoy the spoils of their trick-or-treating without putting their smile at risk of infection. By working with a dentist and making healthy choices in their lifestyle, you can help your child learn how to have fun and maintain their oral health at the same time.

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Although our three dentists come from various backgrounds, they all passionately love to help patients of all ages smile with confidence. We can treat dental problems as they arise, but we tend to approach care with a more preventive mindset. As soon as their permanent molars erupt, we recommend getting dental sealants, and we encourage all patients to get fluoride treatments at every cleaning and checkup. If you have questions about dental healthcare, you can contact our team through our website.

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