How CBD Oils Can Improve Your Oral Health

November 19, 2019

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You try to take care of your smile by brushing your teeth twice every day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Although fluoride can certainly reinforce your tooth enamel, many toothpastes can actually impair your oral health and make it easier to get gum disease and other problems. That is where cannabidiol (CBD) can come in and ensure your oral health in the long term. When you hear CBD, you likely think of the cannabis plant, which is used to produce marijuana, but CBD provides benefits for your smile and for your overall well-being without any ill effects. In this blog post, you will learn more about CBD and how it can be used to promote better oral health with your dentist in Lincoln.

Why is a healthy oral biome important?

Not all bacteria are harmful. In fact, you need to have a healthy microbiome in your mouth to help your body fight inflammation, and have a stronger immune system. Traditional toothpastes and other products tend to kill all bacteria, including those that benefit the mouth and body. In addition, in order to keep your oral biome healthy from bacteria that cause gum disease and other problems, you need to keep your mouth in an alkaline (i.e., not acidic) state.

What is CBD?

The Cannabis sativa plant has 104 chemical compounds in it, and some like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are psychoactive, altering the mind and giving a “high” effect. In contrast, CBD is separate from other cannabinoids extracted from this plant. It is a non-addictive, natural, and safe product that works to help the body correct several conditions in the body, including inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and Crohn’s, chronic pain, and more.

What does CBD do for your oral health?

Unlike traditional products that strip your mouth of all bacteria—good included—CBD cultivates the good bacteria to give you an oral biome that supports healthier gums, teeth, and even your body in general. By targeting inflammation-causing bacteria, CBD works to reduce the inflammation that is commonly experienced with gum disease.

CBD oil also counterbalances the acids in your drinks and foods, enabling your saliva to perform its functions, including prevent overgrowth of bacteria, wash away good particles, and neutralize damaging acids that erode enamel and the connective tissue attaching gums to teeth.

In the end, the point of oral healthcare is to keep your mouth safe from damage, decay, and infection. CBD oil is an effective way to accomplish that goal. By adding CBD to your oral care, you can avoid gum disease and other oral problems that can harm your smile and even your quality of life. Find a dentist in Lincoln that supports CBD use for oral health and see the benefits for yourself today!

About Pioneer Greens Dentistry

With three dentists on staff, patients in the Lincoln area can turn to Pioneer Greens Dentistry to maintain periodontal health. With years of experience, these dentists use proven therapies to address harmful bacteria and address gum disease and other common oral issues. If you have questions about CBD oil use in dental care, you can contact Pioneer Greens Dentistry by calling (402) 483-7502 or clicking here.

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