4 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants Out of the Options for Missing Teeth

August 17, 2019

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When you look at your smile in the mirror, you know that you need to replace your missing teeth. Not only can these gaps distract those that see your smile, but they also make biting, chewing, and speaking clearly more difficult. In addition, your jaw bone loses strength and density without tooth roots to keep them stimulated, potentially leading to additional tooth loss in the future. For replacement, your options for missing teeth in Lincoln include dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Although bridges and dentures are useful for keeping teeth in their proper alignment, they fall short when compared to dental implants. In this post, you’ll learn 4 reasons why dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement.

Improved Oral Health

In order to use a traditional dental bridge, the gap of one to three missing teeth must be surrounded by two healthy teeth. That’s because the bridge depends on these teeth for stability. Even partial dentures clasp onto natural teeth in the arch to help keep the prosthetic in place. In contrast, dental implants do not negatively impact your remaining teeth at all. They are firmly embedded into the jaw bone, just like natural teeth, and keep blood and other nutrients flowing to the area, supporting your remaining teeth and preventing future tooth loss.

Natural Look and Feel

Although dental prosthetics have come a long way over the years, only one replacement option goes beyond the gum surface for the entire tooth structure. Dental implants don’t just replace the visible part of the tooth but also the root. The implant post resembles a natural root and stimulates the jaw bone, preventing early signs of aging and allowing you to retain your youthful facial shape. On top of the post, the implant’s custom restoration looks realistic and restores the crown portion of the missing tooth.

Security and Confidence

With dentures, whether partial or full, you can worry about your replacement teeth coming loose while you eat or speak. After all, they basically just rest on top of your gums, relying on suction or clasps to hold them in place. Integrated with jaw bone, dental implants have a solid foundation and enable you to enjoy stronger biting and chewing capabilities. As a result, you can eat, speak, laugh, and smile without concerns about your replacement teeth.

Long Lifespan

When patients learn about dental implants, they can get intimidated by the initial cost of dental implants, but the truth is that dental implants are a smart long-term investment. Dentures and bridges need to be replaced about every seven to ten years, costing more for treatment each time. However, dental implants can last for more than 30 years with relatively minimal upkeep. If you brush and floss your teeth daily and visit your dentist twice per year, your dental implants can prove to be the wiser financial choice in the long run.

When choosing teeth replacements, you need to consider the quality of life that they will give you. Dental implants offer the most benefits and can basically restore your smile’s strength, function, and beauty to its former glory. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to learn more about dental implants or to get started with treatment.

About the Practice

Pioneer Greens Dentistry has three skilled dentists on staff to offer high-quality dental care for patients in the Lincoln area. With decades of combined experience, they can offer all replacement options and provide the treatment necessary to have a beautiful, strong restored smile. To schedule an appointment with one of Pioneer Greens Dentistry’s specialists, you can call (402) 483-7502 or click here.

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