How Dentures in Lincoln, NE Can Help Your Jaw Pain

December 15, 2016

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You decided to get a set of dentures to replace your missing teeth, and you hoped that would be able to fix all your problems. It’s been a few weeks, and you’ve noticed that your jaw is constant sore and pops all the time. This didn’t happen before you got your dentures, so what is the problem? It’s very likely that it’s your dentures. Dr. Chris and Dr. Claire Haag want you to understand why this may be happening, and how a new set of dentures in Lincoln, NE may be the best solution.

Dentures and Your Jaw

Your missing teeth can make it more difficult to eat and speak, but they can also affect how your jaw fits together. The teeth play an important role in how your jaw muscles align, and once this is altered, it can stress and strain the temporomandibular joints, or TMJ.  These are the small joints located in front of your ears. They are supposed to allow your jaw to move fluidly, but like any joint, can suffer injury. A misaligned jaw can lead to a multitude of problems:

  • Chronic jaw or facial pain
  • Constant popping or clicking
  • Frequent headaches
  • Chronic earaches
  • Inability to open the jaw comfortably
  • Neck pain

Many people suffering from chronic headaches do not realize it is actually originating in their jaw. One way to help correct this problem is by getting a set of dentures.

How Dentures Help

A properly fitted set of dentures can help restore your jaw to its natural position, which can help relieve the symptoms of TMJ pain. They can replicate how your teeth are supposed to fit together and restores a natural balance.

People who already have dentures can be at risk for TMJ pain ,too, if the dentures do not fit properly or have become damaged. An ill-fitting set of dentures can irritate or even exacerbate TMJ symptoms if they do not correctly align the jaw. Patients need to have their dentures replaced frequently as their fit changes in order to avoid these problems.

Dentures with Pioneer Greens

When you visit your dentist in Lincoln, NE at Pioneer Greens, we will take all the time needed to make sure your dentures have the right look and fit for you.

The first part of the process involves taking a series of scans, photos, and x-rays of your mouth and jaw to better understand their structure. This will help the doctors figure out how your jaw should naturally align. After this, a series of wax models of your dentures will be created for you to try on. This will help you determine what you want them to look like, as well as what is most comfortable. After you have selected the ideal model, it will be used to cast your set of dentures. This whole process can usually be completed will multiple visited schedule over the course of a few weeks.

You may need a small amount of denture adhesive for the first couple of weeks with your new dentures, but the fit shouldn’t be dependent on it. The right set of dentures will help your jaw sit where it is supposed to, and help alleviate any of your TMJ pain.

Any Questions?

A well-fitted set of dentures are not only important for your appearance, but your health as well. If you are feeling frequent jaw pain, they could be the answer you need. If you have any questions about dentures or need to get your old ones replaced, please give us a call today.

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