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Who is Our Lincoln Dental Team?

At Pioneer Greens, community is more than just a word to us. We value our patients and understand that dentists have an obligation to serve their community. Every day, we aim to do just that.

Dr. Claire Haag is involved with the Heartland Cancer Foundation, an organization that offers assistance to cancer patients living in neighboring counties. The foundation provides financial assistance for transportation, lodging or general cancer costs.

While we enjoy spending time on our Harleys, we enjoy spending time riding them for a cause even better. That’s why we participate in charity rides across the region that benefit local organizations that make an impact in Lincoln and beyond. We also are avid runners who not only sponsor but participate in the Born and Raced in Nebraska (BRIN) running series with many of our patients! We love seeing our patients live an active and healthy lifestyle and we strive to do the same by leading the pack.

Last but not least, we are happy to have Larry the Cable Guy as one our long-time patients. After coming to us for years, he realizes that we provide the fun and relaxed atmosphere, combined with excellent dentistry that patients are looking for.

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