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Straight Smiles with Invisalign in Lincoln

Many patients are concerned with the alignment of their teeth. It can make them feel awkward when talking or eating, and can even leave some patients in discomfort. A typical solution to this problem over the years has been braces. However, many patients are averse to the idea of wearing the brackets and wires on their teeth due to their appearance. Pioneer Greens Dentistry can now offer a viable alternative with Invisalign in Lincoln, NE.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can help patients with an overbite, underbite, or generally misaligned teeth bring them into a straighter, more comfortable orientation. It accomplishes this by using clear plastic aligner trays that fit onto your teeth. The trays are meant to be worn in a specific series, with each one being a different shape that gradually changes as your teeth move into alignment. The individual trays are meant to be worn up to 22 hours a day for about 2 weeks each before moving onto the next one. Treatment can take anywhere from 8-18 months depending on your degree of misalignment. Invisalign has progressed over the years to be able to address more and more complicated orthodontic issues, so most patients who are considering orthodontic treatment should be able to benefit from it.

The Invisalign Process

The first step in the process is that Dr. Chris or Dr. Claire will need to give your teeth a thorough examination. This will allow them to see if Invisalign is the right step for you, as well as allow you to ask any questions you might have. Should you both decide to go forward, they will start by taking a series of x-rays and photos of your mouth. These will be used to make your trays and assure they are perfectly fitted to your particular teeth. Once you have started wearing your trays, you will need to visit the office about every 6-8 weeks so your progress can be monitored.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Invisalign has a number of differences when compared to traditional braces, such as:

Invisalign helps patients undergo orthodontic treatment without having to alter their habits like they would with traditional braces. The discreet appearance allows them to keep their treatment private, and many people forget they are wearing their trays throughout the day until it is time to eat or brush their teeth.

Is Invisalign Right For You?

If you are curious about what Invisalign can do for your teeth, please give us a call today so we can answer any of your questions.