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Why Patients Love Us

Pioneer Greens Dentistry dentist, Dr. Chris Haag, with Lincoln's youth Dr. Chris Haag with a first time preventive dental patient in Lincoln, NE Lincoln, NE dentist, Dr. Clair Haag, with a restorative dental patient Lincoln, NE dentist. Dr. Chris Haag, with two young dental cleaning patients

We don’t want to brag, but our patients tell us we’re pretty great! With a staff dedicated to patients, modern technology, and a foundation in the Lincoln community, we love caring for smiles and hearing from you about your experiences. That’s why we want to let our patients speak for us.

Larry the Cable Guy knows how to make people crack a smile. It's also important for him to keep his own smile healthy. He's been trusting us with his teeth for years and he only adds to our fun culture! 

Patient-Centered Care

We love making patients feel like members of our extended family.

“Absolutely LOVE this office! The whole staff is friendly and I have never enjoyed being at the dentist so much!!” - Adam

State-of-the-Art Practice

Patients might not notice our commitment to technology, but whenever we hear about their painless procedures and comfortable care, we know we’re offering the best techniques and technologies.

We aim to have the most informed patients around. That means helping our patients understand the state-of-the-art technology we use around our office. Dr. Chris spends much of his free time educating and mentoring other dentists on CEREC technology. Our office is also used as the centerpiece for educating local dental school faculty on the impact of integrating Conebeam and CEREC technology.

Pioneer Greens is also the proud hosting site of the local study club. Our study club makes sure that we are discussing and implementing the most innovative technology and techniques available with other dentists around the region. 

“Perfect fit for adults and children as well! They make sure and stay up to date with all the newest dental technology.” Jody H

Community Commitment

We live in Lincoln, have friends in the community, and are dedicated to establishing and maintaining relationships with our patients and community partners. We love seeing members of our community in the office too!

“I’ve known Chris and Claire for years as friends, but they are truly great at what they do! After years of teeth restoration, I can honestly say I love my smile!” Jody B Y