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We Care About our Patients Comfort

At Pioneer Greens Dentistry, we're doing our part to provide patients with thoroughly modern care. And one way we're doing this is with digital radiography. 

Dentists, and all other medical professionals, have long relied on X-rays to provide them with valuable information about their patients' needs. That's still the case today, even with a tool like an intraoral camera. There's simply no better way to look at your mouth's internal structure than with an X-ray.

But despite offering a wealth of information, the old way of taking X-rays comes with considerable drawbacks. The first of these is the radiation emitted by a traditional X-ray machine. Second, traditional X-rays must be developed in a darkroom with harmful chemicals. And third, those developed images must be stored somewhere so they can be accessed at a later appointment.



Safer Care with Digital X-rays

With digital radiography, none of these drawbacks come into play. When we take an X-ray at our office, patients are exposed to as much as 90 percent less radiation than they would be under normal circumstances. 

What's more, the results don't have to be developed in a darkroom with any chemicals. Instead, the results can be viewed immediately on a nearby monitor, where we can annotate or highlight them to make explaining your treatment needs easier.

And finally, when we're done with your X-rays, we don't have to worry about where we're going to store them. Instead, we can easily save them to our computer for easy access later on.