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Missing Multiple Teeth – Lincoln, NE

A Healthy Smile after Tooth Loss

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Suffering tooth loss multiple times doesn’t mean that you have to live with noticeable gaps in your smile. In fact, doing so will only increase the chances of losing more teeth in the future. Your remaining teeth can easily move into the open spaces to compensate, weakening your tooth enamel with an uneven bite and potentially causing jaw pain. Our team at Pioneer Greens Dentistry can rebuild your smile, no matter its current condition, allowing you to regain its function and appearance.

Options for Replacing Multiple Teeth

Depending on the number and location of your missing teeth, we can offer several choices for meeting your needs. These options include the following:

Dental Bridge

Just like an architectural bridge, a dental bridge connects two points that have a gap between them. A traditional dental bridge uses two healthy teeth as anchors and provides solid crowns to replace the missing teeth in the middle.

Partial Denture

partial denture

A removeable partial denture can easily complete a smile that has teeth missing sporadically. This restoration uses clasps to hold onto the existing teeth and to remain in place. Although this solution replaces the visible portion of the missing teeth, it doesn’t prevent the jaw bone from losing density and its strong shape.

Implant-Retained Bridge

implant-retained bridge

Instead of reducing two healthy teeth to serve as support for the replacement teeth, an implant-retained bridge anchors to two implant posts. As a result, you can replace three or more consecutive missing teeth with just two implants.

Implant-Retained Denture

For missing teeth that are spread throughout an arch, you can take advantage of an implant-retained partial denture. By attaching to a few dental implants, the denture stays in position and fills in the missing pieces of your smile with all the added benefits of dental implants.

Advantages of Choosing Dental Implants

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Although you could choose restorations without the support of dental implants for a lower initial cost, implant-retained replacement teeth go beyond the gum surface to replace the missing roots in addition to the top part of the teeth. Because of this, they help the jaw bone stay strong and stimulated. Implant-retained bridges and partial dentures can offer many benefits that traditional restorations simply can’t, including the following:

  • Implant-retained restorations do not depend on or damage remaining teeth, helping you keep them healthy for longer.
  • With dental implants to strengthen and maintain the shape of the jaw bone, your restorations will not need to be replaced nearly as often.
  • Replicating natural tooth structure, dental implants make bridges and dentures feel more like natural teeth, especially in biting ability and strength.
  • Because they are firmly integrated with the jaw bone, you don’t have to worry about your replacement teeth slipping or coming out.

If you have multiple missing teeth, your chance for a healthy, strong, and confident smile doesn’t have to be behind you. Contact our team at Pioneer Greens Dentistry to schedule a consultation, and we’ll find an implant solution that will bring it all back!